About Us.

We are a travel agency specialising in an eclectic mix of spiritual excursions that we collectively call ‘The Holy Family Trip’. The more discerning of travellers are offered an in-depth expedition through Egypt tracing the biblically confirmed footsteps of none other than Jesus Christ, Virgin Mary, and Joseph the carpenter. This includes the very monastery where Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary stepped foot, thus rendering it a spiritually elevating pilgrimage. Not only is this once in a lifetime trip endorsed by Pope Tawadros II (the Pope of Alexandria, and Patriarch of the seat of St. Mark, and The Saint Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Pope), but he also confirmed that the Holy Family (Jesus, Virgin Mary, and Joseph) settled at the locations visited during it. These included the monasteries and churches attributed to the Virgin Mary that were later built around the North of Egypt before they continued their journey towards Upper Egypt, passing by Assiut and Minya. He also added that Egypt is beautiful for its buzzing culture and monumental attractions. The 1st of June marks the anniversary of the Holy Family’s historic trek from Jerusalem to Egypt where they resided for around 3 years, following their exile. Their exemplary spiritual journey was effected via the Arish road and Wadi El-Natroun Valley, arriving in what is today known as ‘Old Egypt’, prior to its later resumption towards Upper Egypt (The south of Egypt) where they sought refuge for around 6 or 7 months. They then returned to North Egypt, continuing their way back through Sinai to Jerusalem again.

Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church and sovereign of the Vatican City State, visited Egypt in April 2017, during which he carried out mass when he delivered a sermon that not only acknowledged the Holy Family’s journey to Egypt, but also sanctioned it as an official Christian pilgrimage. He announced that our Holy Family Trip is a means of performing this sacred ritual for which he encouraged millions of Christians to observe.

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